Mary J. Blige is the queen of the hip-hop/soul hybrid, and she was a vision in white as she performed the breathtaking ballad 'Need Someone' on tonight's elimination/results episode of 'X Factor.'

The diva was dressed in a crisp white skirtsuit, which showed off her taut figure, with her hair piled into a massive beehive bun at the back of her head. Even with her super glossy, extra-lacquered lips, which are her signature, and statement earrings, Blige was an exercise in restraint.

She is known most of all, of course, for that voice of hers and she let her instrument be the focus, as opposed to engaging in all sorts of histrionics, onstage drama or hitting super high notes to turn heads.

With a starry background behind her and silver confetti falling from the sky, Blige performed on what felt like a winter night on the 'X Factor' stage. Even host Steve Jones said, "What a voice" when Blige finished her performance.

MJB didn't engage in any post-performance conversation with the judges or with the host and she didn't offer any advice to the remaining five, which was about to be downsized to the remaining four.

But then again, she didn't need to say much. Mary J.'s performance let the hopefuls like Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow see how an experienced and successful diva gets her points across.