Ma$e is booting his wife from every aspect of his life. According to the rapper, she has a severe drinking problem, causing him to file for divorce and ban her from his church.

TMZ reported that the performer-turned-pastor’s wife, Twyla Betha, was arrested last month on a DUI charge after she was caught driving with a Blood Alcohol Content level of .14, almost twice the legal limit. To make matters worse, her mug shot has since been spread around the internet, making the arrest even more public.

Ma$e allegedly finds his estranged wife an embarrassment to his church because of her now well-known drinking problem, so the soon-to-be divorcee is officially prohibited from El Elyon International Church in Atlanta, Ga. Per TMZ, the congregation’s parishioners won’t be missing Twyla any time soon. They’re calling her a hypocrite because she had formerly preached that drunkenness is sinful.

PopCrushers, do you think Ma$e is being harsh or are his actions justified?