For a few lucky fliers, Mat Kearney made coach the new first class.

Kearney serenaded a packed flight to fulfill a longtime dream. “I’ve always actually wanted to pick up my guitar in the middle of a flight and just walk down the aisle and play songs," Kearny said, "but this is the first time I’ve ever actually gotten the chance to do it.”

"Normal flight, had no idea what was going on," one pleasantly surprised passenger said. "About halfway through the flight they just stood up, grabbed their guitars, and started playing."

Kearney and his band didn't have quite enough room for all of their usual equipment, but they made do: Instead of microphones and speakers,  Kearney crooned into the plane's intercom. "This is state of the art, high performance sound system we've installed specifically for this flight," Kearney said just before busting out 'Nothing Left to Lose.'

"Complete surprise," another delighted passenger said. "It definitely made the flight go by faster."

"35,000 feet -- we just played, we came, we conquered, we got an encore, we had pyrotechnics. And peanuts flying," Kearney said. "It was definitely a bucket list moment."

Watch Mat Kearny Sing 'Nothing Left to Lose' at 35,000 Feet