Supremely talented singer and songwriter Mateo says that his track 'Sing About Me' is his favorite record that he's ever done, since it's the most intimate. In this exclusive video clip, Mateo reveals all (regarding the song) to PopCrush.

In this clip, which is just under two minutes, Mateo shares the fact that a Kendrick Lamar song -- obviously -- got him through a period during which he was super depressed, broke and working his butt off. It was winter and "mad things happened at once," as Mateo said.

The song inspired him so much, that he ended up sampling the chorus from Lamar's song of the same name.

Find out all the details of this touching story -- about how the music of another influenced Mateo on many levels.

Also, Mateo explained how he wants to write "life songs" and how he navigates the bumpy road of life and turns it into song. The clip really offers an insight into Mateo's music and into Mateo the person.

His EP 'We've Met Before' features 'Sing About Me.' You can grab the EP here.

Listen to Mateo, 'Sing About Me'