Adorable, precocious teen Mathai showed off a serious set of pipes on 'The Voice,' taking on John Legend's timeless ballad 'Ordinary People.'  The quirky Team Adam member took a huge risk singing a song that is the equivalent of an emotional punch to the gut, but pulled it off with flying colors.

Our fears that the young singer wouldn't connect to the heavy lyrics were immediately allayed when Mathai started the song a capella, captivating us from start to finish.  Before taking center stage, Adam Levine told her that she was so good that she was "from another planet."

Mathai's unique tone and turns of phrases worked to her advantage throughout the performance.  She kept the arrangement relatively faithful to the tone of the original version, using a sparse guitar-driven melody.  She was able to be endearing without veering into overwrought territory, which is no easy feat.

An unenthused Christina Aguilera wrongly called the performance, "a little lounge-y."  Blake Shelton said what he loved most about Mathai was her confidence.  What mattered most is that Adam called her "magical" and couldn't have been happier than with his team member's performance.  Mathai is definitely one to watch this year on 'The Voice.'

Watch Mathai Perform 'Ordinary People' on 'The Voice'