It takes a lot to make it even to the Battle Rounds of 'The Voice,' and on Monday's episode, NBC tested the staying power of two shining hopefuls: Nicolle Galyon and Mathai. The pair of Team Adam members graced the screen for some 15 odd minutes, trying their respective hands -- and voices -- at Sara Bareilles' first hit, 'Love Song.'

True to typical, 'The Voice' dragged out their head-to-head moment until it was bloodied and toothless, leaving us all on the edge of our seats by the time they actually hit the ring.

First, it was Nicolle's camera spot, and she hit the backstage rehearsal room with Robin Thicke as her advisor. He called her voice "morning coffee on your veranda" and even tried to invite her to prom -- needless to say, he was beside himself. While she's a bit past the age of courting to a school dance, she is definitely a ripe one in 'The Voice' competition.

Or at least she was, before there was Mathai. The single-name contestant sat down with Alanis Morissette and made things as easy as pie for the advisor and her coach. "It's the things that don't require much coaching that wind up being the most special," Adam Levine said in the pre-battle. In short, she's special and carries an undeniable fierceness and equally as unique voice.

Nicolle breezed onto 'The Voice' stage in her audition, showing off her piano skills on a Kenny Chesney cover. But unfortunately, before the girls even hit the stage to lay it down on Monday, Adam was done with the piano. He wanted us, the viewers, to have a pure focus on the singing rather than her giant black crutch. That last-minute decision gave Mathai a little boost of confidence -- and shook Nicolle's -- as they both realized how strong she is with it.

Would she be able to stand her ground and keep her footing without tickling the ivories? The girls gave it their all, both while sporting their best Easter pastel dresses, but the judges' votes were unanimous -- Mathai being the clear winner. In the end, it was up to Adam, said he felt let down all around, disappointed by their lackluster performance... but still chose Mathai to move on to the live episodes.

Watch Mathai and Nicolle Galyon Perform 'Love Song' on 'The Voice'