Pop/rock singer Matt Nathanson's new video for 'Faster' seems to unintentionally channel George Michael's video for 'Faith,' which was released in 1987. Nathanson, who will soon tour with Maroon 5 and Train, certainly knows how to write a tune that takes up residency in your skull for hours on end. He also knows how to create a fast-paced, eye-catching video to match.

Now, about those George Michael comparisons? Let's break 'em down.

Nathanson is singing while he wails on an acoustic guitar, something that Michael did in his video. Nathanson is wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans, which is the exact uniform that Michael wore (and was parodied on 'Saturday Night Live' for) in the uber popular 'Faith' clip, which is often viewed as the video symbol of that generation and era. Nathanson even rocks the similar facial hair that is Michael's signature. The only thing that is missing is the mirrored aviator shades.

George Michael homage aside, the song is summer-ready and so is the clip. Nathanson certainly got prepped for his close up, as we get plenty of shots of Nathanson's face pube. If you look closely -- and we did-- there's a few grays embedded in the mix. We also see his nose ring. There's even a few random, facial shots of a hot chick, presumably the one that rattles Nathanson's bones and turns him over and over.

Overall, Nathanson is all smiles and who could blame him? He looks good. She looks good. He sounds good, and we dig it.

Watch the Matt Nathanson 'Faster' Video