Matthew McConaughey has de-sexified himself for art, once again.

The oft-shirtless actor, who popularized "alright alright alright" as a catchphrase and stars in a series of somewhat mystifying Lincoln ads, was photographed in New York this past weekend looking less than svelte and sporting a big ol' bald spot. But don't worry, McCona-heads! (That's what MM fans call themselves on Twitter, actual FACT, don't worry about it and definitely don't Google it.) His schlubby new look is for his role in Gold, co-starring Jurassic World's Bryce Dallas Howard.

In Gold, McConaughey plays a man named Kenny Wells who teams up with a geologist to search for the precious metal in the jungles of Indonesia. As the on-set photos reveal, this Kenny gentleman has a penchant for bad suits and ugly ties. You can see the actor's new look for yourself in the Entertainment Tonight clip below.

As all McCona-heads know (we can all get this fandom nickname off the ground if we just work together!), it's not the first time the actor significantly changed his appearance for a project. He was made to look uncharacteristically haggard while portraying Rust "time is a flat circle" Cohle in certain scenes of True Detective Season 1 and, more dramatically, dropped a ton of weight to play an AIDs patient in his Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club role.

McConaughey was at his normal/optimal levels of hotness in his most recent film, Sea of Trees, which was booed at the Cannes film festival this spring — which may suggest that the worse he looks in a role, the higher the chance he'll receive critical accolades?

Let us know what you think of the actor's latest chameleonic turn.

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