Cheryl Cole may have been unceremoniously dumped from the judges panel of 'X Factor,' but Matthew Morrison knows a way for her to win over American audience -- by appearing on his show 'Glee.'

Morrison delivered his career advice in a recent interview and sounded confident that Cole could still succeed in the US.

"Appearing in 'Glee' would be a good way for Cheryl to crack America," the actor suggested. "She was part of Fox when she was involved in US 'X Factor' – they also make 'Glee.' Maybe she will get an appearance – you never know."

Morrison added, "Cheryl is on the front of every newspaper and magazine in the UK. It’s not the same in America, but I still think she can crack it over there. She is a talented girl."

Cole just spoke out for this first time about her dismissal from 'X Factor,' and she may be headed back to the studio to record her next album.

The creative minds behind 'Glee' haven't begun writing for Season 3, so a Cole guest spot can't be ruled out just yet. Maybe on the Bruce Springsteen episode?

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