Unlike Lil Wayne, MattyB doesn't rap about insecure women with daddy issues. In his parody of Weezy's 'How to Love,' the cute 8-year-old rapper sings about, what else, but his toys.

Don't be mistaken by his dimples and baby teeth, though, because MattyB lives a thug life. In this two-minute mock clip, the pint-sized YouTube star sports a stylin' Superman cap flipped to the side and a pair of baggy jeans, as he sings about launching a toy rocket to the moon.

"Hey yo, let me tell you what happened," Matty raps before recanting a story. "The other day I was at the store when it caught my eye / See I'm a lover of any toy that says it can fly / I let my mommy keep my wallet 'cause I love to buy / But I just begged, I gotta have it! This was ultra fly."

Throughout the music vid, the elementary school star struggles to get his toy rocket off the ground, his frustration growing as he preps it to take flight, potentially landing on the moon. By the end of the video, he's able to get it to the sky as his buddies cheer him along.

Lil Wayne needn't protect his rap career, but MattyB has one thing going for him that Weezy doesn't, and that's that he is adorable! Like his other covers, we dig the creativity in 'How to Love' ... The rocket edition.

Watch the MattyB 'How to Love' Parody