Max Adler, who plays Dave Karofsky on 'Glee,' was this week's mentor on 'The Glee Project' and like a true football star, he entered carrying a football and yelling, 'Wut up' to the remaining contestants, who were beyond stoked to see him.

For the homework assignment, the seven final contenders were required to show their tenacity and their 'rawr' via LaRoux's 'Bulletproof.' Cameron, while excited to meet Adler, acknowledged that the actor "is a little intimidating, a big, tough football player." Despite that image and reputation preceding him, Adler was affable and seemed to be engaged by the singers.

Adler was able to explain the true meaning of 'tenacity' to the contestants by saying, "I've been turned down tons of time, that's part of it. You have to overcome the rejections and obstacles, and keep on fighting." Indeed, it was noted that Adler was brought on as a "two-line co-star" -- and look how his career took off!

He also told the hopefuls that tenacity is shaped by passion, persistence and patience. He was impressed by their first go-round of 'Bulletproof,' but asked them to do a reprise. "Do one more," he requested of them, adding, "Do something you've never done before. Surprise me, shock me, give it all you've got." In essence, he made them embody the term. The singers got in his face, with finger snaps and plenty of close ups. Hey, he asked for it!

He said everyone brought their "A plus" game but ultimately, the homework assignment win went to Marissa. He still gave extra props to Samuel and Hannah, though.

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