Looks like the Wanted boys played a joke on group member Max George! They posted a photo of the shaved head singer curled up in a fetal position, passed out and stacking Zs on a couch, with a Blackberry to his side.

But what makes this pic so striking? Well, the fact that he looks covered in napkins and/or paper towels and flowers. That's quite a blanket.

The band posted the photo on Facebook, with this caption: "Who wants to tuck Max in night night? We've camped his make shift bed up haha."

Makeshift is right. George appears as though he is out like a light. The flowers are a nice touch -- decoratively speaking -- but it's not very masculine.

Hey, at least Tom Parker and Jay McGuiness didn't draw dirty pictures or scrawl bad words on his forehead with a Sharpie marker. That's cliché and so frat boy.

But making a floral bed for him? That's cute and silly and fun. How many ladies out there want to snuggle up next to Max, under paper towels and flowers? We're sure there is no shortage of girls willing to curl up next to this adorbs singer.