PopCrush has teamed up with Mayday Parade to provide this exclusive look at the band in the studio as singer Derek Sanders cut some of his vocals. We get a sneak peek at the process of recording the band's fourth album. This is the fourth update in a series, and this footage focuses on the vocals.

The band actually recorded part of a song at a studio in a castle, located four hours away, and we see Sanders playing piano in this beautiful setting. Don't you just love the juxtaposition of seeing his heavily-tattooed arm and the gobs of bracelets on his wrist while he tickles the ivories and plays a beautiful piano melody?

The band has been in the studio for three months total -- the time was broken up by tours and some dates in Japan -- and we really get a feel for how Mayday Parade did things.

We also love how Sanders giggles during some of his takes and how he sings into a telephone, too.

If you are looking forward to the new Mayday Parade record, you can do so with some knowledge of how the album was created.

The band is wrapping its studio sessions and plans to release the album this fall via Fearless Records.