If you yearn for Britney Spears circa the 'Blackout' era, then dance artist Mayra Veronica will fill the void, as her new single 'Freak Like Me' certainly reminds us of Brit Brit during that clubby phase. In this behind-the-scenes clip from the forthcoming 'Freak Like Me' video, which will premiere on MTV Logo on Aug. 17, Mayra Veronica dresses in skimpy video attire channeling a 2007 Brit -- which we love.

We see the singer -- who was on the cover of Billboard earlier this summer -- in lots of skin-hugging latex and leather, and the video appears to be incredibly S&M oriented, hence that whole "freak" thing in the song's title.

Antonio Sabato Jr. of 'General Hospital' fame also makes a cameo in the video, getting hot and heavy with Veronica in an elevator. They look like they are really into one another -- a testament to their acting skills. Sabato joked that they "created some magic" while the Cuban-born Veronica fanned herself, acknowledging that it had gotten really hot in there. So take off all your clothes, to borrow a phrase from rapper Nelly!

This teaser clip should tide fans over until the whole shebang makes its debut next week. It should cause you to sweat a little more on these hot August days, too. That's how on fire Mayra Veronica is. Blazing, we tell ya!

Watch Mayra Veronica Behind-the-Scenes 'Freak Like Me' Teaser