Michigan-born sisters (and fraternal twins) Megan and Liz dropped their new video for 'Bad for Me.' The vid mixes performance footage of the blonde (Liz) and brunette (Megan) sisters singing their song, meshed with narrative footage of the cautionary tale of a bad boy that isn't always the best thing for you, no matter how cute he is.  Learn it now, girls, since it's a fact of dating life. Players ain't no fun and in the 'Bad for Me' video, three teenage girls learn that valuable lesson when they catch said player doing stringing them along.

The video is cute, current and montage-like - check out the date night outfit changes that define the second verse and the abbreviation-filled text clouds appearing on screen. Oh, teen life! What a heaven and what a hell it can be. Trust us. We know and went through it, too. And we like reliving it from a distance by fixing our eyes on a Megan and Liz video.

The dance sequence at about 2:20 in is absolutely amazing, with the three ladies being messed with by one lothartio boy are bending to his will like puppets, only they do so with some pretty acrobatic and awe-inspiring dance moves. They also eventually become wise to him.

Oh, and if you want a little tip for how to remember which is Megan and which is Liz, we have one for ya! Megan is the guitarist. Bam!