If the 'FUN' music video is a peek inside Megan Nicole's world, then we totally want to live in it! The 21-year-old YouTube sensation just dropped her new music video -- a colorful, upbeat day on the town.

From the opening scene, set in Megan's bedroom, we should have guessed that the visual would be filled with bright hues and an unrelentingly happy vibe. (Sidenote: Can we discuss how amazing Megan's silver sequined leggings are?) As soon as Megan steps outside, however, everything only gets more vibrant.

She sails through incredible costume changes, a photoshoot and even a way-cool ride in the back of a convertible, all before walking onto the stage to perform. The entire time, her bubbly personality and beautiful voice shine through. It doesn't hurt that 'FUN' is so, so catchy!

If there's one thing that's clear from this video, it's that Megan brings the party wherever she goes. Next time, we totally want to join!

Watch Megan Nicole's 'FUN' video above!