For someone with a song as self-affirming as 'All About That Bass,' it would only make sense for Meghan Trainor to be bursting at the seams with confidence, right? Well, according to an interview she did with, she had to work on it to get to the place she is today. Her key to confidence? She's been partially inspired by her own song. She said, "['All About That Bass'] really helped me. Singing the lyrics over and over again and seeing the reaction from the crowds, I would walk off feeling like Beyonce ... feeling like I'm confident and gorgeous."

Another thing that helped her confidence along the way? Meghan says vocalizing the thought that she looks good has helped her immensely. She said, "You gotta speak it out loud ... saying it has really helped the confidence go up because I know I look that good and I feel that good and it has made a huge difference."

Finally, she admits that another thing that really helped her confidence are her hair extensions. She recognizes that celebrities don't usually own up to wearing them, but she credits them with helping her feel "powerful."

What do you guys do to help you feel more confident? Do you subscribe to any of Meghan's tips and tricks? Thinking of trying any out?

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