It looks like things between Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas' manager, Cory Anderson, are heating up! According to E! News, Meghan and Cory have been hanging out since November. The source says, "They are 100% courting. Dating might be a strong word to use but they are definitely seeing each other."

Meghan and Cory went to an event in November and people noticed that they were pretty obviously together, saying, "She was at an event with him back in November at Philymack studios that Nick Jonas performed at. They were't super PDA but definitely together."

Further fanning the flames is a photo Cory posted to Instagram showing him giving Meghan a peck on the cheek. He even captioned the photo (which you can check out over at E!): "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top," which is an obvious reference to Meghan's hit song 'All About That Bass.' So cute.

Meghan recently told E! what she's looking for in a boyfriend, saying, "You can make music or not, that's fine, whatever. But also be real cool and make me laugh. That's all you gotta do." And if Cory and Meghan really are dating, he should definitely expect some serenading from the 'Lips Are Movin' singer, who says, "I'll like write them songs too -- nice ones. It would be like really cool and adorable." It totally would be.