Meghan Trainor is a girl that knows what she wants!

The breakout singer of 'All About That Bass' has released her next single titled 'Dear Future Husband.' Both songs will be available on her mainstream debut EP 'Title' this Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Like 'All About That Bass,' 'Dear Future Husband' also has her signature retro-pop sound that sounds like a modern take on the doo-wop genre of the golden years. In 'Dear Future Husband,' Trainor writes a letter to her future spouse telling him exactly how she wants to be treated.

"Take me on a date / I deserve a break / And don't forget the flowers every anniversary / 'cause if you'll treat me right / I'll be the perfect wife / Buy a girl some rings / But buy what you need," she sings.

But she's not going to be your typical old-fashioned housewife, as she adds, "You got that 9 to 5 / Okay but so do I / So don't be thinking I'll be home and making apple pie / 'cause I never learned to cook."

Click on the video above to check out 'Dear Future Husband.'