Rumors have been flying about whether or not Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas' personal assistant, Corey Andersen, are dating. When she stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest, we figured we'd get a concrete answer -- and we did! Well, kind of.

When Ryan asked Meghan about whether she and Corey were an item, she outright denied the rumors. She even jokingly told Ryan she would be willing to go out with him, saying, "I am single right now! If you're ready to take me out, I'm ready. My mom was 19 and my dad was 40. You look way better than my dad looked, you're killin' it."

She was adamant about stressing the fact that she's single, but when Ryan had Meghan play a game of 'All About That Vase' -- in which she throws ping pong balls into a vase, and if she misses she has to answer an awkward question -- things took a turn for the slightly confusing. They played a game of 'Marry, Kiss, Kill.' Pretty simple, right? Well, the candidates for said game were Nick, Joe Jonas and, of course, Corey. Meghan was noticeably flustered. She did choose to marry Joe, kill Nick and "peck" Corey. Whether that means anything in regards to her relationship status, we're not sure, but it's definitely an interesting reaction!

Check out the full interview above, and hear Meghan talk about her 21st birthday celebration in Vegas, collaborating with John Legend and more! You can also check out her playing 'All About That Vase' in the video posted below!