"Real life with all its summer jobs, heartbreaks, shopping centers and public pools is just as cinematic and beautiful as any Hollywood movie," claims Mel Jade. "And that's exactly what I wrote this song about."

Of course, Mel is referring to "Hollywood" — the gorgeous Australian indie-pop babe's latest single off her recently self-released, aptly-titled sophomore album, Dreamsick—the dreamy, summery video for which premieres exclusively today here on PopCrush!

The Aussie pop singer-songwriter is known for her colorful DIY spirit (case in point: the self-filmed video for her 2012 synth-pop ballad "We Could Make A Movie" has over 1.1 million views to date), as well as her penchant for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. "Hollywood," a hazy, melodic electro-pop ballad with light, lo-fi urban beats, is exactly that—an ode to seeing the wonder and fantasy in everyday, mundane suburban life.

In Mel Jade's world, paradise is found in a parking lot, a tennis court, or even an industrial shipping yard. Explains Mel, "The video was filmed in the backstreets of Sydney. I wanted to take typical, ordinary scenes and make them a little more extraordinary to represent the meaning of the song. We put Givenchy in a park playground, a glamorous make-up table in the back of an old truck, and a smoking DeLorean in the middle of a suburban street with all these other parked cars. The video is a montage of all those fantastical suburban moments."

Take a look at the video premiere below:

So just remember, the next time you're stuck wasting your youth away in line at the DMV... this is your Hollywood, people. Embrace it!