Melanie Brown’s eldest daughter, Phoenix Chi Brown, has filed a battery police report against her biological father, Jimmy Gulzar, last month (Oct. 11), after he allegedly refused to let her leave his Los Angeles home.

In the report, the 12-year-old cites battery after her father grabbed her arm as she was leaving the premises. According to Radar Online, the altercation led to a stand off with law officials that witnesses said took "several hours" to conclude.

"When it became clear that Gulzar wasn't going to turn Phoenix over, LAPD responded and told Jimmy he had to allow his daughter to leave his apartment," a source tells the website. "When Phoenix came out, she was extremely distraught and very upset. The police immediately took her to the police station to fill out a report."

The report filed states: "Victim is suspect's daughter. Susp has visitation rights w/daughter. When daughter attempted to leave susp's house to return to mother's home, susp grabbed vict's arm refusing to let her leave."

Brown and Gulzar were divorced in 1999, a year after the two wed. Brown was granted full custody of Phoenix at that time. In addition to Phoenix, Mel B has two other children: Angel, 4, and new baby Madison, who was born in September.