Melanie Amaro, looking beautiful in a bright blue dress with curled hair, showed why she is one of the 'greatest' contestants on 'X Factor.' Since this is Thanksgiving week, each contestant is thanking someone with their performance and Amaro chose to give thanks to God, since he got her through the roughest of times. She also revealed her accent, which she had been hiding previously. Whatever the case, Melanie Amaro's voice is angelic.

Amaro chose to sing R Kelly's 'The World's Greatest,' backed by a full choir and for the first time this season, she showed off her vulnerability, which Paula Abdul quickly noticed. For the entire season, all we know about Melanie Amaro was that she could sing and had a gorgeous voice. But we were searching for her depth and her soul. She revealed all of that on tonight's episode. Abdul also told Mel that she didn't need the choir because she sings so well on her own.

Amaro kept repeating how thankful she was to be there, shedding a tear while doing so. It was enough to cause Nicole Scherzinger to cry and ask for a hug.

Amaro's mentor Simon Cowell reminded the audience and the voting public that two people are going home tomorrow, and to make sure Melanie Amaro is not one of them.

Watch Melanie Amaro Sing 'The World's Greatest' on the 'X Factor'