'X Factor' champion Melanie Amaro isn't wasting any time soaking up her triumph, as she's already released her first official single as a signed artist! Amaro, who has a contract with L.A. Reid's Epic Records, has dropped a repurposed version of Aretha Franklin's classic 'Respect.'

During her stint on 'X Factor,' Amaro reworked Adele's 'Someone Like You' into a house-inspired song, so it really came as no surprise when we heard that she took the same route for her ode to Aretha. Amaro keeps it soulful and sassy with her vocal performance, just like Lady Soul herself, but the music has a completely different tone from the original.

As the extremely uptempo, fist-pumping beat to Amaro's 'Respect' kicks in, we couldn't help but think of Chris Brown's track 'Beautiful People,' which the crooner recorded with DJ Benny Benassi. However, as Amaro starts belting out the lyrics to 'Respect,' the song takes on a sound that is reminiscent of a '90s club jam. Her voice is so strong and she's so adamant in her demand for respect, that any man who would think of giving the songstress anything else has got to be off his rocker.

As the song nears closing, there is a hardcore, pulsating techno breakdown that might leave some of Amaro's fans, who learned to love the diva for her emotive ballads and honest vocals, with an unpleasant taste in their mouths. Despite this, Amaro delivers the song powerfully and without any missteps. Overall, we think Ms. Aretha would approve of Amaro's vocal performance on 'Respect,' but the fact that this classic has been morphed into what some might label as yet another generic club track might be grounds for some disapproval -- except if club bangers are your thing, then this one is a must-have for your next party playlist!