Melanie Amaro is a hot button topic on 'X Factor.' Last week, Simon Cowell admitted he made a mistake when he sent her home during the initial sessions at the judge's homes.

It is rare that Cowell owns up to such a wrongdoing, and in Amaro's case, the rules were bent and she was brought back to be the fifth girl on his team. Cowell even flew down to her native Florida to personally invite her back to the show. Tonight was her chance to show America what Cowell saw in her that forced him to admit a great mistake and to alter the rules and regulations for her sake. It also made his decision doubly hard, as he had to send two girls home tonight.

Amaro belted out Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing' during tonight's episode of 'X Factor,' and that was all she needed to demonstrate why Cowell flew south and ate crow in order to rectify his error.

After Amaro wrapped her performance, L.A. Reid said they saved they best for last, even though the song choice was predictable. Amaro has a diva's voice and presence, so the song did fit her strengths. So it was a smart but safe decision to have her tackle something so grand.

In the end, Cowell elected to send her through, saying he's pretty sure she could take home the grand prize after tonight's display. Amaro deserved to graduate to the next round. But could you imagine if Simon had sent her home ... again? That would have been quite an emotional roller coaster for the poor girl.

Watch Melanie Amaro Sing 'I Have Nothing' on 'X Factor'