Part of Melanie Amaro's grand prize package for winning 'X Factor' was a Pepsi commercial -- that airs during the Super Bowl. It's only the most watched TV event of the year, so in addition to a $5 million recording contract, Amaro will make an even bigger public debut courtesy of this commercial, which takes place in the King's Court. To top it all off, Elton John also appears in the spot. Amaro is certainly living a charmed life, isn't she? It's good to win 'X Factor.'

Some background info on the ad: John plays a King during the Middle Ages, cackling at court jesters performing in front of him. He cuts an intimidating figure. Amaro is a court performer and will have to sing before the king in a way that pleases him!

In the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, Amaro says she is having a blast, while seated in princess-like court garb in her makeup chair, holding a can of Pepsi. Can you say "Product placement?"

During his interview in this footage, John paid Amaro a huge compliment, saying she "oozes personality," and also calls her "a great live artist" and "voluptuous." We agree with all those assessments of her.

Amaro revealed that she wants some tips from John on how he has sold so many millions of albums, since that's her dream and goal!

We then see some ad footage of Amaro singing 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin in the middle of the court. She belts it out in a way that would make the Queen of Soul proud. In fact, the cover is Amaro's first single, making use of her powerhouse voice.

Look out for the commercial on Feb. 5 during the Super Bowl.

Watch Behind the Scenes Footage of Melanie Amaro in the Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial