Melanie Martinez was in the bottom three of 'The Voice' live results show last week, but her coach Adam Levine decided to save her and share her with the world one more time. He could've just thrown a Minnie Mouse in our face, but whatevs.

Young the Giant's 'Cough Syrup' was her song of choice, because the song talked about being left out, and that's how she often felt growing up. And wouldn't ya know, once a full brunette, Cruella DeVille was the inspiration behind her two-toned hair style.

It's genuinely difficult to critique her performances each week because they're all the same. She has a uniqueness to her voice, but it shows no strength or inflection of tone, so not only does she become a gimmick for the show, but she also risks becoming a one-trick pony.

Again, Christina Aguilera could only comment on the emotion behind the performance, and  not the vocals of the performance, which would be critical considering this is a competition surrounding, well, the voice. Sure, there's only one Melanie Martinez, but she's certainly not strong enough to win the competition.