"Cry Baby" singer Melanie Martinez is accused of throwing a tantrum during a recent fan encounter — but her defenders say she was just asking to be treated with common decency.

"It's one thing to ask for a picture, but to just take a picture of me is kinda weird, guys," Martinez said as she signed autographs for fans in a video. The pop singer, who heavily favors adult-baby allusions in her songs and visuals, first rose to prominence as a member of Team Adam on The Voice Season 3.

The fan who attempted to snap a furtive selfie with the singer as she scribbled her signature apologized immediately, and Martinez lobbed it back: "I'm sorry, I feel uncomfortable." The gentleman taking the video stares into the camera, Jim Halpert-on-The Office-style, for much of the clip.

Martinez remains respectful as she asks the fan to respect her boundaries in kind. But reactions to the exchange seem to be colored by another video captured at a March 28 concert, appearing to show the "Sippy Cup" singer responding to an excited audience member's "I love you!" with a terse "I'm sorry, I'm TALKING."

The singer provided some context for that exchange in a series of tweets, saying she was "really shy" and overcome with emotion trying to explain the meaning behind "Mrs. Potato Head," the song she was about to perform.

The flap is just the latest talking point in a swelling debate over where boundaries should be drawn between pop stars and their often-fervent fans (and equally fervent detractors). Halsey, an artist who's prided herself on a close online relationship with her following, deactivated her Twitter account on April 3 after her failure to properly credit an artist's work in a regram resulted in strangers calling for her suicide and deeming her "ugly" and a "waste of oxygen." Meanwhile, Justin Bieber recently announced he's deep-sixing the Purpose tour's heftily-priced meet and greets (following rumors of a security scare), saying "I end up feeling so drained and unhappy."

Do you think fans are expecting too much of their idol's time and emotional resources, or do you feel it's just the "price of admission" for fame? Weigh in.

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