When Britney Spears lost her you-know-what in 2008, she did so in front of the whole world. It made sense for her daddy Jamie Spears to swoop on and assume control of her finances, the Britney Spears business (which is a goldmine), and her life. She was surrounded by opportunistic vultures and needed help.

Fast forward nearly five years and Brit is in a happier and healthier place, with a fiancé and a comeback album in the form of 'Femme Fatale.' So why is her father still her conservator, with future husband Jason Trawick added as a co-conservator last spring? Rumor has it that a mental illness keeps Brit unable from assuming full control of her affairs.

TMZ reports that Brit is gripped by a medical issue that prevents her from making consistent, sound decisions, and therefore, the conservatorship is not only a protective measure but a necessary one. Her daddy and her future hubby make both professional and personal decisions for her simply because she cannot do it herself. So while at first it may have seemed as Brit was a puppet controlled by the men in her life, it now appears that she needs their guidance due to a medical ailment.

Court documents filed Tuesday (Aug. 21) urged the judge to seal the highly sensitive records, since the information contained within could damage Brit's reputation, causing "irreparable harm and immediate danger," if leaked.

Yikes, that sounds as serious as a heart attack!

The documents are reportedly medical in nature, detailing both Brit Brit's condition and treatment. It's reportedly a disorder that affects her personality and her state of mind. The conservatorship provides her with a safety net and therefore it will remain in tact.

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