Mercedes doesn't like living under your 'Spotlight!' Take that, Rachel!

Amber Riley's Mercedes gets to sing solo tonight on the 'Asian F' episode of 'Glee.' She is a diva in training. Check out how fab she looks in that black satin dress. Divalicious, right? With a capital "D."

As for the song? She tears the house down. She rips the roof off. Her voice is utterly massive and inviting, as well. It feels like a coming out party for Mercedes, because she owns the song 'Spotlight,' by Jennifer Hudson. Her voice is as gorgeous as the car brand she shares her name with.

Fans of Amber Riley and her character should be stoked that the spotlight is shining mightily on her during the episode set to air this evening. Yes, we know, Lea Michele as Rachel is the show's star and it's her voice that is always, well, spotlighted. But tonight, we get a much-needed and totally enjoyed dose of Mercedes and we like it! A lot.

This performance of 'Spotlight' leaves us wanting more of Mercedes. And soon. Are you listening, Ryan Murphy?

Watch Mercedes Sing 'Spotlight' From the 'Asian F' Episode