Fans of Metro Station should be breathing a sigh of relief/and or shrieking from excitement: The band has not only announced that they are back together, but they've also dropped a new single (and music video!), announced a tour and have plans for an upcoming EP. All in a day's work!

After the group went on hiatus in 2010 amid rumors that founding members and frontmen Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso were disputing, many thought they would never again hear music from the guys who brought us 'Shake It' -- including Cyrus himself.

"After over four years of being apart, fans -- and even myself -- thought this would never happen,” Cyrus revealed to Billboard. “I’m extremely excited to be making amazing music with Mason as Metro Station again. We started this band together and it only feels right we finish what we started."

Cyrus and Musso -- who are both the older brothers of former 'Hannah Montana' stars Miley Cyrus and Mitchel Musso -- seem to be super psyched about working together again, and we can't get enough of their hot dance sound on their new single, 'Love & War'. (Check out the video above!)

“We’ve been out of the scene for a while now, but I truly think this time apart has helped us grow as a band,” Musso told Billboard. “We feel stronger and more united than we’ve ever felt before. We are ready to get back out on the road and reconnect with our fans. This is just the beginning of our journey.”

For fans psyched to learn of Metro Station's reconciliation, watch their 'Love & War' music vid above, keep an eye out for their EP, due this fall, and check out their upcoming tour dates with the Ready Set and more here.