Remember Michael Buble's upbeat dance single, 'Russian Unicorn'? No? Us either. But thanks to a funny and innovative YouTube massacre from Bad Lip Reading, the singer's 'Haven't Met You Yet' video has been turned into something completely different.

You see, Michael Buble does something weird with his mouth when he sings, and that makes his lyrics very hard to interpret if you're watching his music videos on mute. Bad Lip Reading took the 2009 music video, changed up the tempo and gave the song some fantastic new lyrics.

"I need a woman with a Benz looking to lose it," Buble 'sings' in place of the uplifiting, looking-for-love lyrics from the original track. In the video, the singer picks up a pretty girl in the grocery store, and within seconds he's got plans for their evening together. As the hilariously-awesome redone song continues, the Canadian hitmaker makes some startling revelations about the sexual acts they'll partake in (once they leave the bread aisle) and the fact that he just urinated into her glove.

The night is young, so if the blonde girl in question decides to stick around and take a ride on Buble's grocery bed, they'll probably end up shooting a Russian unicorn. Wait, what? Exactly. As if it wasn't funny enough that Buble's lips are hard to read, it only adds to the humor that the original video is a perfect match for the dirty lines he's spewing in the new version.

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