If you've ever attended a Michael Buble show, you're well aware that it's part performance, part stand-up comedy routine. It's full-on entertainment. However, those not expecting a taste of Buble's sarcastic, self-deprecating and somewhat dirty sense of humor might be offended. Buble even admitted that every night, some fans request refunds when subjected to his salacious side. Guess they never knew he had it in him.

The crooner, whose 'Christmas' album has enjoyed several weeks atop the Billboard Top 200, talked about his sense of humor in an interview with AOL Music. When asked about his comedic cracks during concerts, Buble said, "To this day, every single concert I have, 20 or 30 people get their money back."

Buble really does get nasty with some of his jokes, so he's not at all surprised when the more conservative contingent of his crowd shakes their heads in disbelief. He continued, "The other night I had a show in Mexico, and there are people who left because I said the line about you guys think I'm gay. Then I said, 'I'm not, but if I was, I would be proud of it, and then I would bonk you, dude,' and I picked this really dorky old guy in the front. And that was funny."

Buble continued, "It was later when I was introducing one of my musicians and said, 'Jesus Rob, you're so sexy. Honestly, two Coronas, you, that guy in the front row, me. A little manwich.' I started to really laugh because all I could think about was that in Canada, we call a manwich a Sloppy Joe. Of course, I had to share that with the audience. There's worse, though. My language is what it is. I swear. That's how I express myself."

With his singing and his sense of humor firmly intact, Buble could very well emulate idols like Frank Sinatra, who was a triple threat that also ventured into acting. Could a sojourn onto the big screen be next for Buble?

He said, "Yeah. It's hard, as a business decision goes. I could go to Australia and make $25 million this month, or I could go make a movie for 50 grand that never ever sees the light of day. So it's a tough decision... Acting's a natural progression. I just don't want to do the thing that so many artists do; they go try acting and they screw up their music career because they confuse people and leave their fans behind. Actors who want to be musicians do the same thing. Very few get to do both."

We have faith in you, Michael Buble.