Michael Cera surprised his fans at midnight last night, not with a new film like might be expected -- but with an album!

The 26-year-old actor is apparently musically inclined, though we could've guessed based on his super sweet duet scene with Ellen Page at the end of 'Juno' or his vocal feature on Weezer's 2011 tune 'Hang On.' What we wouldn't have guessed is that he would drop an 18-track album called 'True That,' available to stream for free or to purchase for $7 from his Bandcamp site.

The LP has a raw, unpolished (in a good way) sound that makes you feel like you were sitting right next to Michael when he recorded it. It highlights a variety of instruments and sound effects, and no two tracks are alike, though the whole album still feels entirely cohesive.

One of the new indie rock star's biggest fans so far? His costar Jonah Hill, of course! The 'Superbad' star tweeted his recommendation along with a link to his pal's new music.

Listen to Michael Cera's 'True That' in full here.