The former chief of Michael Jackson's security team testified that the singer's oldest children, Prince and Paris, witnessed the chaotic scene as their father's doctor tried in vain to revive him. The heartbreaking revelation came from Faheem Muhammad, who took the stand Wednesday in the trial of Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who is accused of causing the King of Pop's 2009 death.

Muhammad said he arrived minutes after Jackson died and saw Prince and Paris observing the scene as Murray tried to resuscitate him. He testified that the kids were outside Jackson's room in a panicked state. "Paris was on the ground, balled up and crying," Muhammad said. "Prince had a really shocked, just slowly crying kind of look."

Muhammad said he took the kids and their nanny to "a more secure location" to keep them from seeing anything further. He said Jackson's eyes and mouth were open as Dr. Murray tried unsuccessfully to restore his breathing. "He appeared to be administering CPR," Muhammad recalled. "He appeared very nervous. He was sweaty."

Earlier testimony on Wednesday had revealed a recording in which Jackson's speech was heavily slurred and news of a frantic phone call that Murray made just after he found Jackson's body. The trial continues today in Los Angeles.