The latest shocking revelation from the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray? The not-so-good-doc attempted to re-enter Jackson's rented Holmby Hills residence shortly after the King of Pop was pronounced dead.

Reuters reports that Michael Williams, Jackson's personal assistant, revealed that Murray tried to regain entry to the property to take possession of an ointment whose presence would prove embarrassing to the late star.

"We were making small talk about how horrible this is," Williams said. "[Murray] said, 'There's some cream in Michael's room or house that he wouldn't want the world to know about it, and he requested that I or someone else drive him back to the house so he could get the cream, so the world wouldn't know about it."

That's sort of suspicious and makes one wonder if the cream would really embarrass or implicate Murray in some sort of medical wrongdoing. Or maybe it really was something that might have tainted the star's memory. Or perhaps there was no ointment and Murray wanted to return to cover something up. It's anyone's guess and that's why we have a trial!

Nevertheless, Williams and security guard Faheem Mohammad made the executive decision to not allow Murray inside the house again and made an excuse, saying he could not return. Williams said Murray even made mention of wanting food, in what Williams thought was a ploy to hitch a ride with him. He was denied. Williams also admitted to defense attorneys that he did not initially tell the authorities that he denied Murray's request for re-entry.

Williams also said that Murray's behavior indicated how serious Jackson's situation was. He labeled the doctor "frantic."

He also said that oxygen tanks were commonplace in the home, per Murray's request.

A phone call between Williams and Murray took place and was also said to be frantic.