A man famous for impersonating the King of Pop is facing some serious jail time after stealing money from customers at the English bank where he worked, to the tune of £75,000.

Amar Clement, who called himself "the closest look-alike on the planet" to Michael Jackson, carried out over 100 fraudulent transactions totaling £75,222.86 (about $117,000 American) as of early 2009. Along with three accomplices, Clement carried out a "carefully organized and sophisticated fraud" (according to statements made at Oxford Crown Court) which involved laundering the cash through pre-owned automobiles.

Clement gained notoriety after his performance as Michael Jackson at a charity event for children in Poland grabbed headlines, and he traveled the world working as a Jacko impersonator. Apparently the glamorous lifestyle of celebrity impersonation just wasn't enough for him, though, since he turned to crime to help pay the bills.

One of the victims told reporters outside of the courthouse that the fraud was "a really bleak experience ... the worst possible outcome to find it was an inside job. I hoped it was some electronic thing where someone had gained access from the outside."

We're sending well-wishes to the victims of the scheme, and hoping that Clement takes a good long look at the man in the mirror, then makes a change!