Finally! The estate of Michael Jackson has granted Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor permission to resurrect material that Queen, along with late singer Freddie Mercury, were working on with Jackson in the early '80s. The demos were put to tape at Jackson's crib in 1983, while Queen were touring America. While both frontmen are gone and have passed away, their legacy lives on!

According to the Sun, May said, "The Michael Jackson estate are happy for us to go ahead with the music. But it's not something that we can rush." The music could be released as soon as 2012.

May insists that this is not a posthumous cash grab that capitalizes on death's of the singers and the curiosity of fans, since many fans and critics feel that material that sits on the shelf due to someone's death is best left untouched and to release it in its incomplete form is a move that is monetarily motivated. The governing principle is that unfinished music is not how the late artist intended it to be heard, so it's better left unreleased.

However, May said, "I don't work on things with the aim to make money or for promotional reasons. I work on things with the view 'to let's see how it goes.' When it is something we feel is worthwhile then it's nice if we could get it out there."

Given that Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson are two of the most iconic voices of the '80s, we're super stoked to hear these demos if and when they finally make it to the public's ears.