The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray began today. Murray is on trial for manslaughter as he was Jackson's attending physician at the time of the King of Pop's death. Jackson's eldest son Prince, who was an eyewitness to the his father's death in June 2009, does not want to testify at the trial, but has told his family that he will do so if it means that it'll help enact justice for his late, great father. Prince tops the prosecution witness list as Murray called the boy to the bedroom for assistance during Jackson's final moments. How traumatic for this poor kid! It's certainly a lot for a teenager to go through, both emotionally and mentally.

Prince, 14, is reportedly "nervous" and fears that he won't be able to properly express himself if called to the witness stand, according to TMZ, who spoke to a source close to the situation.

Jackson's mother Katherine, who is also the guardian of Michael's children, is likely to request a cleared courtroom if and when Prince takes the stand. It's likely the judge won't clear the courtroom, but he will also disallow a camera to pan on Prince while on the stand.