Younger generations may sadly remember Michael Jackson more for his headline-worthy behavior or his controversial court cases than for his impressive and extensive body of work, but he will forever remain in the pop cultural lexicon as one of the most talented, game-changing figures in music history.

One of Jackson's -- and music's -- most heralded albums, 1982's Thriller, turns 33 this year (specifically on November 30), and in order to give the album the kind of celebration it truly deserves, Google Play is currently offering it to listeners for free beginning today (November 20).

For those of you somehow unfamiliar with the album, I implore you to listen to it on repeat, ad nauseam -- though it's likely you're already familiar the majority of its tracks, so long as you have been a human person existing somewhere on this planet for the past few years. Boasting mammoth hits like “Billie Jean,” “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” “Beat It” and “P.Y.T.,” the album remains the best-selling of all time with over 65 million copies sold and won a record-breaking eight Grammys when it was nominated back in 1984.

According to Variety, Jackson has sold over 1 billion records around the world and is one of the only artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

The free offer -- which is, sadly, available only to U.S. residents and those with Google Play accounts -- ends on November 27, so get to listening.

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