Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams fires off an endless arsenal of gun metaphors on 'Love Gun,' a buzz single expected to appear on her next solo album.

While her former bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland get most of the attention, Williams has quietly built her solo career, achieving success on Broadway and on the dance charts. On the synth-laden 'Love Gun,' Williams sings, "Never thought that love would ever shoot me down / One shot was all it took for love to take me out / Pistol is loaded, nowhere for me to hide / Hand on the trigger, aiming for your bullseye."

We're rooting for Michelle, but we have mixed feelings about this one. Its thumping club beat feels a bit dated, and the gun references keep going, to the point of being comical. By the second verse, she's actually singing about wearing a bulletproof vest and being "caught up in your massacre."

On the other hand, the song has a fun vibe, and it's a positive love story, which fits in with how Williams described her new record to Concrete Loop: "My album will be inspirational pop. Think of Katy Perry's 'Firework' or Natasha Bedingfeld's 'Unwritten.' I want to give people a message of hope while at the same time get them moving with dance inspired tracks."

Mission accomplished on that front. We're looking forward to hearing more of the album, which is still untitled and expected to see a winter release.

Listen to Michelle Williams, 'Love Gun'