RedOne proteges Midnight Red are steadily earning fans with their first music video, 'Hell Yeah.' Not familiar with these newcomers? Get to know them with the exclusive PopCrush premiere of behind-the-scenes footage from their video shoot.

Directed by Declan Whitebloom, 'Hell Yeah' finds the boys creating mayhem in a motel parking lot, with shopping cart races, inflatable slides, and high-energy dance scenes with lots of cute girls looking on. The chaos is all in good fun, as band members explain in the insider footage. "It's like a little 'Project X,' crazy motel party, gritty, fun time," Thomas Augusto says. Anthony Ladao adds, "You're gonna see the video and you're probably gonna think, 'Whoa, they're having a good time.' That's because we really are!"

"Filming 'Hell Yeah' was such a blast," Augusto tells PopCrush. "Actually, when I watch it back I forget it's our music video and thought it was just stock footage of us partying and casually breaking out into random choreography, cause that's how we roll. Boy bands for life."

Midnight Red got a chance to learn from the best when they opened for NKOTBSB during the supergroup's headlining tour. As the Interscope act (consisting of Augusto and Ladao with Colton Rudloff, Eric Secharia and Joey Diggs Jr.) continues to put together its debut album, the 'Hell Yeah' single is available now on iTunes. Fans can also connect with the guys on their official website and Facebook page.

Augusto tells PopCrush that his group stands out from the rest of the boy band pack: "I think 'Hell Yeah' brings a new flavor to the table of the boy band smorgasbord going on right now. Midnight Red is cut from a different cloth. You just have to watch it for yourself."

Watch the Midnight Red 'Hell Yeah' Behind-the-Scenes Video