The adorable, well-coiffed five piece known as Midnight Red will drop their new single 'Take Me Home' digitally on July 16, but you can listen to this shimmering, crazy catchy pop track right here and right now.

It's not lost on us that Midnight Red have five members in their ranks who are all cute and have good hair, like, say, One Direction. We also noticed that their new single shares its name with 1D's supremely awesome album.

Let the boy band battles begin!

Eh, not so fast.

Midnight Red aren't a carbon copy or duplicate of 1D. First off, they incorporate a little more of an EDM influence into their sound, and they aren't straight up, harmonized pop.

Plus, Midnight Red's 'Take Me Home' demands to be given a fair shake, since the RedOne-produced track is such an upbeat, feel good, summer-ready song with more synths than 1D are known for.

So take a listen to the track at least three times and we can pretty much promise by the time you're on the third go of it, you will be singing along.

Listen to Midnight Red, 'Take Me Home'