Let's keep it real, Miguel is a good-looking guy. So we find it hard to believe that he's having a hard time finding the perfect woman. Yet, in his new video for 'Girl Like You,' the 24-year-old pop star sings of being lonely as he in search for his true love.

Dressed in a futuristic white vest with silver bracelets and stylish black glasses, Miguel performs the yearning song backed by his band on a florescent-lit stage. "To no avail girl can't you tell / That you got a hole in your heart / I probably would dismiss it / The truth is that I miss it for real / Hook-ups are few / Till I see a girl like you," he sings.

The video, which was also co-directed by Miguel, boasts intercuts of scenes of beautiful models licking on heart-shaped lollipops and posing for the camera. This is cool and sexy video from the 'Sure Thing' singer. 'Girls Like You' is the third single from Miguel's debut album 'All I Want Is You,' which is in stores now.

Watch the Miguel 'Girls Like You' Video