Miguel's 'How Many Drinks?' gets a mini makeover in the form of an added verse from rapper Kendrick Lamar. It's Miguel x Kendrick Lamar, and it's silkier than anything you'd find at Victoria's Secret, but it's also got edge, like something you'd buy at Agent Provocateur when you want to get freaky with your significant other. An already good song got better thanks to the sprinkling of some rhymes.

Miguel, with his Usher-like falsetto, is one of the hottest names and voices in R&B right now, while Lamar is celebrated for his flow and represents the new breed of hip-hop. So it makes sense that the two would collide -- or 'Kaleid' -- for this new version of 'How Many Drinks?,' the original of which appears on the crooner's 'Kaleidoscope Dream.' This reworked and remixed version is the third single from the album, and it's all about making sexy time.

Miguel is the only voice in the game that comes close to Usher. He shifts easily from a buttery croon to a reach for the sky falsetto in this slow burning, romantic romp. He can hit those high notes without ever being shrill and he swoops back down to earth with a dreamy, rich tone. His voice has so much range, so when he asks, "How many drinks would it take you to leave with me / Girl you look good and I've got money / But I don't wanna waste my time," our knees get sorta weak.

Lamar drops his nasally verse over handclaps, adding some edge to an otherwise hot and bothered track about chasing tail. His rhymes cut through some of the thick sexual tension of the lyrics and soften Miguel's "I'm trying to hit that" delivery. Lamar is the urban yin to Miguel's leading man yang, and the song comes alive after Lamar's verse. All the elements -- Miguel's croon, his falsetto, the lazy beat, Lamar's raps -- result in a fulfilling climax. No pun intended.

Listen to Miguel 'How Many Drinks' Feat. Kendrick Lamar