Mike Posner is hot for a girl who 'Looks Like Sex' on the first single from his upcoming sophomore album, 'Sky High.' What does sex look like, exactly? According to Posner, it's a nose ring and an a-- that makes him go "ooh-ooh."

As synths swirl around a mid-tempo beat, Posner sings, "Forget them other boys, baby, forget them other guys / Yeah, I see your nose ring, might as well be a bullseye." He's only after one thing as he continues, "That a-- makes me wanna ooh-ooh / You know exactly what you do / I would really like to take that home / Everybody here knows / She looks like sex, sex, sex, sex."

In case she's still not convinced, the singer tries another argument: "I don't mean to be rude but baby I could break you off / You could sleep with the minute man, but I'm all night long."

Every Mike Posner song seems to have an unquantifiable layer of cool, thanks to his chilled-out, almost effortless vocal delivery, and 'Looks Like Sex' is no exception. The catchy melody makes the track a good choice as the lead single from 'Sky High.'

Listen to Mike Posner, 'Looks Like Sex'