'Final Destination 5' star Miles Fisher mashes up horror movie gore and '90s teen sit com, frolicking in his 'Saved by the Bell' inspired video for the confectionary song 'New Romance.' Blood? Check. Guts? Check. Impaled teenagers? Check. Pencils to the face? Check. It's all there in this hilarious clip where 'SBTB' characters are picked off in a socially Darwinian fashion.

The video deftly recreates the hallways of Bayside High, and Zack's hair, or "Preppy," as Slater called him. There's a creepy janitor and even creepier dancing. The clip starts out innocuous until a row of lockers falls on top of a cute teen, crushing her head and the blood spews. Gross!

The action moves to The Max, the gang's diner hangout, which totally looks like the original, down to its black and white checkered floor. Zack, Kelly and crew are drinking milkshakes, showing off their crotches and skateboarding, which leads to the mishap where someone trips over the board and ends up impaled. It's a shame it wasn't Screech. Come on, you know he was annoying.

We move to a bedroom but instead of getting busy and indulging hormones, caffeine pills are consumed by the fistful and a pretty blond ends up with pencils to the face before jumping out the window. Ouch.

Actor David Koechner of 'Anchorman' fame stars as balding principal Mr. Belding, who has the top of his hairless head is sheared off thanks to an exploding jukebox, where a 45 inch record becomes a projectile or a guided missile, slicing his noggin clean off. We guess vinyl is making a comeback, at least in the 'New Romance' video.

A melee ensues while everyone dances, with some people catching fire, throwing coffee in each other's faces, dodging vinyl and more! Only Zack and Kelly remain, dancing to the fluffy, sticky treacle of a song.

Watch the 'New Romance' Video