A week ago, word got out that our darling Miley Cyrus got into a bit of a brawl at Hollywood nightclub Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel. But a week later, Cyrus' good name has been cleared and the Disney gods are a-singing.

What began as a peaceful night out ended with kind of a bang after Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth were accidentally bumped into by a couple sitting behind them at the club. Hemwsworth reportedly got all up in their face, which we probably wouldn't be able to take seriously given his Australian accent (*swoon*).

Anyway, according to a witness, Cyrus threw a punch. But it's just not true!

According to TMZ, surveillance video was handed over to the police that shows Cyrus acting like the good 19-year-old we know deep down she is: she didn't throw a punch! Just like Miley's rep said, "This claim is completely false and erroneous."

The investigation continued, seeing as the supposed victim filed a police report on Sunday, but TMZ's sources are "almost certain" that no charges will be filed against her.

We knew Miley didn't have it in her! She may have some spunk, but when it comes to altercations, we cannot see the Zen-like songstress getting physically violent... even if she is defending her husband-to-be!

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