In the recent series of public stumbles for Miley Cyrus, her latest is a literal one. The former 'Hannah Montana' starlet cracked her tailbone!

Cyrus broke the news over Twitter, writing, "cracked my tail bone doing a front flip... on to the couch. thats like when i tripped over a pillow and broke my arm. #onlyme." That's gotta hurt! But it should teach her a thing or two about playing on furniture. Parents everywhere may have been on to something with that one!

It's been a rough week for the 'Party in the U.S.A.' singer. After photos surfaced of Cyrus posing suggestively with a phallic birthday cake and a cocktail, she faced backlash from fans, the media and conservative groups. Reports said she was humiliated by the incident, finding solace only in boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. (A guy who looks like that can fix pretty much anything.)

December wasn't much easier for the starlet. She was caught on video in two separate compromising incidents, once cursing at fans in Costa Rica who criticized her for rushing to a flight and another calling herself a "stoner" on her birthday.

While we're all for giving the girl a break, this isn't the kind we had in mind. Feel better, Miley!