Poor Miley Cyrus -- just as people were beginning to forget about her last flub (you know, when she referred to herself as a stoner), she goes and makes headlines again, and not for anything good. The latest slash to the young star's name happened in Costa Rica when she was approached by fans ... And cursed at them.

Apparently, Miley and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were on vacation this week when they were swarmed by a group of over-eager fans asking for pictures. It seems the couple was in a pretty big hurry, and walked swiftly through the mob to get away, telling the fans that they had to go.

It was then, however, that one fan called Miley an "a--hole," which caused the 19-year-old actress to turn around, screaming "What the f---? Are you for real?" back, adding, "I'm on vacation! I'm not being an a--hole, we're on vacation."

Unfortunately for Miley, this kind of thing is a gray area -- should a star stop to take a picture on their vacation? We'd usually be inclined to side with the celeb, as everyone deserves alone time, but in Miley's case, she should be trying to polish what's left of her good name. Besides, it was a small group of fans (seemingly) and snapping a photo only takes a second. We do want to remind Miley not to bite the hand that feeds her -- and pays for her vacations.

Watch Miley Cyrus Curse at Fans in Costa Rica